Today the Copic Instructors in the US and Australia are doing a Blog Hop!!!

We are excited to announce that Marianne Walker's new book called Shadows and Shading is now available.

This Shadows and Shading Book is designed for people who want to understand the basic rules of light when colouring, whether they draw their own art or not!

This beginner's guide covers many kinds of light, the differences between shading and cast shadows, how to colour a variety of objects, and shadow colour theory.

Designed for beginners, either papercrafters or artists - this is a wire-bound book that comes with 4 clear printed guides to help you add shadows properly on your own work.

A Blog Hop wouldn't be as much fun without BLOG CANDY!!!

Today each and every blog will be giving away a copy to a lucky commenter!! That's right, leave a comment and you'll be in with a chance to win this fabulous book!! If you
are an Aussie or Kiwi - you can win on either the Mandi's Blog, Kathy's blog or right here on COPIC OZ!!

You have until Sunday 6pm AEST to comment on this blog. The winner will be announced on Monday morning Australian time. If you are in North America, comment on the Copicmarker site or one of the following instructor's blogs!



oh I would love the chance to win the "Shadows and Shading Book" I am new to copics and I am sure this would be beneficial.

kathy s

This is one book I am so in need of- am just new to copics and this would sure boost my confidence-I hope- thanks for the chance


Great to have a book to copy


Thanks for the chance to win Marianne's book on your blog, I love your blog in the black and purple by the way!! Is so much easier on the eyes for me!.

Thanks again,
Donna P (love my copics)


Great book, thanks for the chance to win one.


I would LOVE to win this book! I love Marianne's work!


I have been teaching myself to use copic markers from the tutorials on your blog (love them, keep them coming)... but I am yet to master the art of Shading and Shadows. This book would be an awesome reference point. Would love to win one.. (who wouldn't !!) :-)

On The Wallaby Trail

Yay yes please, I too have been trying to teach myself so to have this awesome book would be fabulous.
Thanks so much for the chance to win it.


This book looks awesome, can't wait to be able to get a copy :)


I am a Copic Certified Instructor and would love to have this book. Marianne is a great inspiration to me.


My shading techniques leave a lot to be desired, so want this book :)


Kate P.

Thanks so much for the chance to win Mandi-Lee, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this book :O)


woohoo been waiting for this one... and after what you taught me at the project class in sydney i think i need this one too...



Hi thanks ever so much for the chance to win this fantastic book. I would lobe to be able to add some depth to my images.
Smiles to you
Kylie. :)


it is great to see that there is a book out for shadowing i get so frustrated sometime on knowing where the right place to shade on a digi stamp is.


Thanks so much for the chance to win Mandi! I am sooo looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and playing with the whole shadows and light source thing! One thing that I still find hard!

Shaz :)

Absolutely the best darn tool to go hand in hand with our Copics! Love live love it and can't wait to dive into it's pages. Yeeeehaaaa!


Oh wow! I'd love to get my hands onthis book.
Thanks for the chance to win,


Seems like everyone needs this book as much as I do! Good luck everyone!!!


Very new to copics, but loving them, this book would be a great resource to enhance what I learn in your classes. ( I'm attending both your workshops this weekend at Fat Cat, where are you actually able to purchase the book? Will you have copies for sale sat?)

Ribbon Hoarder

What a great tool, exactly what I need to take my colourings from great to awesome :)


This book looks good. A great tool to enhance your colouring skills.


This book looks amazing. I would love to know where you can get it, besides winning one here of course ;). Thanks for all the inspiration with the Copics Australia blog as well xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wirg's Creative World 2011

Oh yes, it's here!! Can't wait to see one IRL, whether I win it or buy it, it's all good!!


You know I would luuuurrrrve the chance own this piece of shading goodness! You can never have too much information about shadow & highlights, right?


Ooooh! This is a MUST have!! Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these fabulous books! Good luck everyone!! :)

Sara Henton

This looks amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on this book.


Just what I have been looking for. Thanks for the chance to own one. :)


I'd love to win this book! Thanks for the chance to win.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2

Ooo, this looks like a fantastic book! A definite must-have to improve my colouring techniques. Thanks for the chance to win!


Great book, would really love to be the recipient.


what a fabulous book - looking forward to getting hold of a copy!


Fantastic resource, I love the clear guides that go with it. Thanks for the chance win, would like to add more depth to my images. Tracy xx

Ange Kelly

thankyou for the opportunity to win this fabulous tool!

Annette Bowes

Fantastic a book dedicated to light and shadowing, sure to be a wonderful success! Love the clear guides. Take CareX:)

Sam Barry

What an awesome book thankyou for the chance to win this great prize.

Tricia :O)

I would love to win this wonderful book, still learning all about copic's, and I'm IN LOVE !!! Thanks for the opportunity :O) Tricia NZ.


That book looks great - thanks for the chance to win!

Lyn S

This book looks like just the thing for me to improve my colouring techniques! Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa Hortin

This is a great book and a handy tool to have as a beginner colourer. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Melissa Barnicoat

This is somethign I definitely need to add to my growing Copic collection.


Please....Choose me ! I can use a little help with my colouring ! Love from Holland , Christa.


The book looks awesome!
Copics will be a very interesting to do my building renders (i am an architecture student). My tutors are constantly asking for creative ways to present work, so this would help heaps!


this book is a god send for me definitly a must have.


I would love to win this great book! Thanks for the chance.


What a great book! I would LOVE to have a copy! It’s so helpful to those of us just getting used to our Copics! Not to mention the techniques it teaches! Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful book!Love this blog hopping!


I've just bought my first copic markers and would really benefit from having a copy of this great book, to ensure I get the most out of these markers.


This looks like it will be a great help in learnign to shade. A must have resource


I have a delightful collection of copic markers that I just love to use. However, having a copy of this book would enhance my use and expertise, that way I could do justice to these precious markers. I do hope I win and thanks for giving us the opportunity to try...

Jennifer Adnitt

Hi. I'm gathering a bunch of Copics but am still unconfident using them,l Need more help. Would love to win a copy to help me with my light and shade! Cheers Jen


This book looks like it has lots of information I need, thanks for the chance.

Ann's Paper Art

I am a beginner to Copicing, and one of the things I have wondered about was where and how to learn shading. This book seems perfect to me. I am only visiting Australia, so I know I have can't win this, but it doesn't matter, I will just have to see where I can purchase it before I fly homne again on the 3rd April :)



It would be great to win this books as I could sure use the help

Colleen B.

This book looks amazing, great addition to my Copics!


I have shelves upon shelves of books at home, but this is one book that would be a welcome addition - and would be very well loved! Thanks for the chance to win our own copy!

Creative Dee

I'm with Karen, I have heaps of books on my shelves, but this little baby would be permanently on my craft table. WOW how useful would it be to get this. Thanks for the chance to win! :)


What a great book, Would love it on my desk!
I love your blog thanks for sharing your great work.


In my final year of industrial design and still struggling to grasp proper shadowing and shading skills. To win this would be amazing to help me further my capabilities as a designer.

Fiona Powell

Just the thing us novices have been waiting for!


What a wonderful giveaway. I have done the beginners class and would love to learn more about Copic colouring. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing book. Pauline


This book should offer me the opportunity to gain more confidence in using my Copics ... I could use all the help I can get!

Thanks Mandi for todays classes - thoroughly informative and enjoyable! My Copics won't be gathering dust anymore.

Eva :-)


Just bought a few more Copics, so the book would really be a big help.
Carol Southern

Jennifer Dove

you know i would love to win this :)


what an awesome resource - thanks for the opportunity to win

Debra Miller

The book is awesome! Saw it Friday at Copic Certification class!

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