I'm Officially Certified!

OK, I have resurfaced from my self induced Copic hibernation and rejoined the land of the living!

... And look what I brought back with me....

I am so excited to say I am officially certified as not only a Copic Designer but a Copic Regional Instructor. I am joined by two gorgeous ladies Debra James (middle left) and Cathy Jones (center). Together we make up the Australian Copic Regional Instructors.

Thanks to Jacqui and Jonny from X-Press Graph-X for making this all possible!

I have had the most exciting three days full of Copic with Marianne Walker and Lori Craig (see below) and now my mind is swimming with creativity!

Thank you to all these wonderful people for your time, your knowledge, your wisdom and your creativity... but most of all thank you so much for your warmth, your loving kindness and for welcoming me so warmly into the Copic family!

Please check back for all Brisbane Certification Information (which I will be running)....

In the meantime...please come and visit me this weekend at Picture to Page Scrapbook and Papercraft Show at the Whitehorse Club, Burwood Hwy, Burwood.

I will be there all weekend!
Come and do a "make and take" with me. You can find me on the Heaven Scent Stand!!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the weekend!




Whoo hoo!! congrats!! and great piccies!!

KathyJ (Wattle)

Hi Mandi! So glad we got to train together and looking forward to the fun we have ahead of us!!! Looking forward to joining you in Brisbane!!! {hugs} Kathy


Even the certificate is pretty! Looks like you all had great fun.

Kristy Young

OOoh YAY Im going to P2P this weekend, I am defiantly coming to take a look and do a make n take fun fun!! Congrats on being certified and becoming a regional trainer thats fabulous.
Kristy xx

Kristy Young

Was great to meet you on saturday! Im still so jealous of that lady that brought one of every chao marker!! LOL.
Kristy x

Jennie Lin Black

Welcome to the Copic Regional Instructor team.. It is the best team in the whole world... I am sure you are one talented lady! Welcome to the team. Jennie Black Jenniebstampin.blogspot.com


Congrats and welcome to the Copic team... Isn't it the greatest feeling to have been chosen! I am sure Marianne selected you for many wonderful reasons... she is a smart cookie. I am the SW USA regional instructor and could not have picked a better job for me... I love every moment and the people you are about to meet... so many talented people.. so fun! congrats and welcome.. Jennie Black Jenniebstampin.blogspot.com


Congratulations on becoming a Regional trainer for Copic. After waiting over 12 months for Copic certification to come to Australia, I was so disappointed to be wait listed for the recent Melbourne Certification. I have noticed that there is a certification in August - hopefully I will be able to attend that one. I see that you have been holding classes at Heaven Scent - does that mean you're a local girl - I'm in Upwey. Are you holding any more before the August certification?

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